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The project partners have been able to address a number of different target groups during their activities. These include among others

1) Judicial employees of the prison in Heinsberg are informed about the project’s progress because of their direct contact to the BSV Wassenberg. The project partners are invited for a visiting day where they get to know the institution’s activities as well as a baseball training. 

2) Social workers: Especially the Greek and Austrian partners possess a network of social workers which are informed about the project’s development because of newsletters and personal contacts.

3) Coaches: The German sports organization is member of different organisations such as "KreisSportBund", "Baseball und Softball Verband NRW" etc. and thus reaches coaches of sports. Turkey, Austria, Greece and Italy possess similar connections.

4) Social Media, newspaper articles or public actions are used to reach volunteers.

5) Tutors and teachers act as employees for the different organisations or are informed and addressed by the spread of the project’s results.

In addition, other interested representatives from business, politics and administration were reached and informed about the project goals and findings.