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During the project the project partners have gathered a large number of results and experiences, which are listed below:

1. Participation of the partner BSV Wassenberg during the open day at the Heinsberg Prison with about 5,000 visitors in October 2018 and presentation of the STEPS project.

2. Professional exchange with a criminal defence lawyer in Greece as part of the kick-off project meeting in Greece. (Report [PDF])

3. Networking and professional exchange with prison officials in Heinsberg, which took place throughout the project.

4. Participation of all project partners in a softball training of the partner BSV Wassenberg in Heinsberg during the second project meeting. (Report [PDF])

5. Networking and professional exchange with a prison officer of the Innsbruck Prison during the meeting in Innsbruck. (Report [PDF])

6. Establishment of contact with the "St. Pius X" prison in Vicenza/Italy.

7. Drawing up a catalogue of good examples from the partner countries where sport and other recreational activities were used to reach young adults in precarious situations. (Catalogue [PDF])

8. Creation and ongoing maintenance and updating of the project homepage in English, German, Italian, Turkish and Greek.

9. Establishment and cultivation of further contacts with European organisations dealing with sport in juvenile justice, in particular with the Alliance of Sports in Criminal Justice in Bristol.

10. Development of the ERASMUS+ follow-up proposal NEXT STEPS with various partner institutions.

11. Participation in a scientific study by the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg.